Egyptian Flower Remedies

Egypt is known as a land of transformation and spiritual awakening. Not only is it a mystical power point, but also Egypt’s climate is ideal for the creation of flower remedies, made potent by the desert sun. Flowers are more than just beautiful to behold; they are symbols of the divine unfolding into manifestation and work only for the highest good. Read more...

Navel Portal Activation and Guided Visualizations

We have gone beyond space and time and need new tools. We need a way to activate the DNA, reach down into those miasmatic layers and release the energy held there so that we can come to our full potential. The Al-chemia Remedies and the Navel Portal Activation are tools to effectively work on these deeper issues. - $10.99

individual remedies

All the remedies were prepared in Egypt at different points in time. There is a single flower remedy, Larkspur, which will be available January 2014. There are also Talisman Remedies. The only one presently available is the Ishtar Remedy. They are prepared from artifacts and hold the energy of the Neter they represent. Each bottle is prepared by hand by Leslie using the information given to her. Each Treatment Bottle is sold in a 30ml/1oz. spray bottles. - $20.


Elixirs are blends of Floral Water, Essential Oils and Al-chemia Remedies. Each Elixir is blended with a specific intention. The formulas came in through inspiration either in dreams, during the Dance, from traditional sources or during gatherings. The Elixirs are used mainly for ritual or creating sacred space. $20.


Using the Remedies

the Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites